About us

What is IETK?

The Industrial Engineer Toolkit (IETK) is a preparation course for engineers to get the Certified Industrial Engineer Certificate. IETK is committed to support the needs of global industry by bolstering the skills and careers of engineers through: training, case studies, simulations, tests and qualifications. IETK is a unique qualification that is exclusively designed with special criteria.

What is CIE?

Certified Industrial Engineer (CIE) is an international exam in the field of industrial engineering. CIE is powered by IBDL foundation in collaboration with industrial engineering experts from the United States and the United Kingdom. IBDL gathered the knowledge of the world's best professional industrial engineers working in the industrial field to come up with the CIE program. IBDL offers its members exclusive access to the CIE Qualification among many other professional certifications.

IETK Vision:

IETK aspires to be the next go-to toolkit for all uprising engineers to enable them to make their dreams a reality and gain a competitive advantage in their careers.

IETK Mission:

IETK aims to capacitate the hard-working engineers with what they need to kick-start their careers providing them with invaluable knowledge about several important aspects in the industrial engineering field.